Legacy Planning for Newlyweds

So, you “tied the knot,” “got hitched,” “plighted your troth,” “jumped the broom”…  Congratulations!


When two lives come together, there’s so much love, joy, and . . . paperwork.  Any time you experience a major life change, it’s time to make some updates.  At Swan Law, we don’t see this as a necessary chore but instead as a way to begin your new life together as an organized, united, and financially-secure couple.   We love to help new couples create lasting estate plans that grow with you as your life changes.

Our Process

Call Swan Law Office at 970-879-1572 or send an email to assistant@swanlawoffice.com, and we will send you our pre-meeting packet.  The packet contains a folder for you to gather your bank statements and other financial documents, as well as a workbook for you and your spouse to fill out together, outlining your wishes for your plan.

Mail or drop off your completed workbook for review before your appointment 2 business days before your appointment.

Legacy Planning Session: This is a 90-minute appointment with attorney Catherine Swan, where you and your spouse will discuss the best options for your plan.  If you choose to move forward and work together to create your estate plan, you will sign a service agreement at the end of your appointment.

Signing Ceremony: The signing ceremony typically takes place 3-4 weeks after the Legacy Planning Session, where Catherine will walk you through the health care decisions and finalize your plan.

Then, we create your binder and finalize its details, such as enrolling your documents in Docubank.  We will notify you when your binder is ready to be picked up. You have 90 days from the time you receive your binder to look through it and make any changes, and these changes are included in your fee.

Flat Fee Billing

You’re probably familiar with the traditional experience of meeting with a lawyer who makes everything sound very complicated and confusing.  You’ll have the idea that this lawyer knows what she’s doing, so you nod along and hope you’re doing the best thing for your loved ones.  Perhaps you have questions when you get home, so you call the attorney and get voicemail, and then later on get a call back and a bill for $67.50 for a fifteen-minute phone call.  You make a mental note not to call the attorney again.

We don’t want you to feel anxiety about the cost of your plan.  What’s most important is getting the right plan for you, your loved ones, your financial situation.  We use flat-fee billing to encourage communication with our clients so you aren’t watching the clock, and so you can feel free to call us with a quick question or copy us on another email.

Focusing on Legacy Planning

Our priority is to help you curate a plan that encompasses more than your financial assets.  We want to know what’s important to you and what you value most.  We focus on creating comprehensive estate plans that meet your needs and focus on who you are both as individuals and as a married couple.  And you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing for your loved ones by creating a plan for their futures.


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